1. Why do I need a Stripe account? We use Stripe to manage payments. In order for Class to send payouts, we need an active Stripe account attached to your Class account.
  2. How do I activate my Stripe account? After you register as a teacher in Class, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your Stripe account. You will then need to provide a valid ID which you can upload or capture via your phone camera or laptop webcam.
  3. Why is Stripe application form in Japanese? We notified Stripe of this limitation. Stripe acknowledged it and reassured us that they are in the process of localizing all onboarding forms. In the meantime, please refer to the below translationAccount_Application_in_ENG__JP_account_
  4. How do I enter my address in Japanese? Start by entering your postal or Zip code, Stripe will then auto-populate most of your address fields in Japanese.
    step1 step2step3
  5. My bank is not listed in Stripe, what should I do? When this happened to one of our teachers, we recommended that he contacts Stripe Support. The teacher’s bank was then quickly added.
  6. How about my first name, last name in Katakana? Google Translate comes in handy here. Just append your name at the end of this URL: https://translate.google.com/#en/ja/ e.g. if your name is nizar, type in the following URL in your browser https://translate.google.com/#en/ja/nizar kana
  7. When do I get paid? Your weekly earnings will be transferred on Friday of every week. You can check how much to expect and how much was paid-out on the Stats screen. help1
  8. How come I don’t see a blue badge next to my name when in Student View? The absence of a verification or true ID badge means that your account has not been verified yet. You have 7 days after you sign up for Class as a teacher to activate your Stripe account (we call this deferred activation which allows teachers to start accepting lesson requests right after they download Class and enter a minimum set of information to get them listed and visible to all nearby students).
    Failing to activate your Stripe account within 7 days, we won’t be able to send your payouts. Lastly, verified teachers will rank higher in search.help3
  9. Why do I have to fill a business type field and enter my website address? I don’t have a website! Any service provider who gets paid through a marketplace is required by Japanese law to fill such fields and have a valid ID verified by the marketplace or its payment processor (Stripe in our case).
    Since you’ll get payouts via Class, you can declare that you are a Sole Proprietorship (providing English lessons) and use our marketplace web address www.opendoo.rs
  10. Will I still get paid if a student cancels a confirmed lesson? As stated in Class Terms of Service: if your student cancels a confirmed lesson less than 24h from start time, the lesson charge won’t be refunded and you will get paid as if the lesson took place.
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